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Spring into productivity with Zoho Mail
As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, it’s time to embrace the refreshing spirit of this new season. Just as nature awakens with new energy, so does our commitment to enhancing your work experience—whether you’re basking in the beauty of spring or embracing the charms of another season.

Welcome to the latest edition of the Zoho Mail newsletter, where we bring you a bouquet of exciting updates, fresh features, and inspiring content to elevate your productivity to new heights.

What’s New:
Blossoming features in Zoho Mail
In our continuous quest to provide you with the best email experience, we’ve been busy cultivating new features and enhancements. Here are some highlights from our recent updates:
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PGP encryption for enhanced security PGP encryption for enhanced security
Lock down your conversations tighter than a drum with PGP encryption. Protect sensitive information and ensure authenticity with digital signatures.
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BIMI to boost email authenticity BIMI to boost email authenticity
Experience enhanced email security with BIMI. Display your organization’s logo in emails to build trust and prevent potential phishing attempts.
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Admins can now play captain save-an-email Admins can now play captain save-an-email
Recall mistakenly sent emails, swiftly correcting errors and maintaining control over communications.
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Personalized out-of-office messages Personalized out-of-office messages
Maintain professionalism on-the-go. Create custom Out-of-Office replies for internal and external contacts, keeping communication standards high even when you’re away.
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Color-coding for inbox organization Color-coding for inbox organization
Revamp your inbox by adding bursts of color for easier navigation and enhanced clarity, giving your inbox a makeover.
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Versatile email signatures Versatile email signatures
Personalize your emails with distinct signatures. Ensure consistency and leave a lasting impression with tailored signatures for composing and replying.
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Offer Image Only available for paid plans. Check out our detailed pricing here
Looking to optimize your team’s full potential?
Spring into the Zoho Workplace universe, where each tool is a master of its own domain, empowering teams with streamlined workflows and enhanced collaboration. Let productivity propel your success this season.

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Looking to heighten your team's full potential?
Discover New Horizons:
Journey into Zoho Mail extensions
Learn how the thriving synergy of Zoho Mail and HubSpot integration can help you track, organize, and engage your leads and customers.
Journey into Zoho Mail extensions

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And behold,
here’s your direct path to success! Install the HubSpot extension today and watch your business bloom with effortless lead nurturing.
Zoho Mail with HubSpot extension

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Customer Spotlight:
Real stories, real success
In this springtime edition of our newsletter, we’re thrilled to showcase the voice of one of our incredible customers. Take a moment to watch our latest testimonial video and witness firsthand how Zoho Mail has transformed this customer’s business.
Customer Spotlight: Real stories, real success
Be our star! Be our star! Be our star!
Share Your Zoho Mail success story and join our community spotlight. Inspire others with your story, photos, or videos. Your success could light the way for fellow users. Let’s shine together!

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Memory Game:
Zoho Mail feature challenge
Let’s put your memory to the test. If you’ve read through the “What’s New” section carefully, you should be able to pull this off with ease. Ready?

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Embrace spring with Zoho Mail! Renew your routines and tackle challenges efficiently. Stay tuned for more updates.
Happy emailing!
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